Here is a list of articles I’ve written for other sites.

  1. So you want to upgrade your Node.js installation?, nearForm Blog, November 2015
  2. The latest release of Node.js under the microscope, nearForm Blog, November 2015
  3. nearForm welcomes open source software heavyweight Colin Ihrig, nearForm Blog, November 2015 (not written by me)
  4. Back to Basics: Array Extras, JSPro, February 2013
  5. Fun with JavaScript Numbers, JSPro, February 2013
  6. Back to Basics: JavaScript Hoisting, JSPro, February 2013
  7. Introducing the Geeksphone by Mozilla, JSPro, January 2013
  8. The Return of the jQuery Plugin Registry, JSPro, January 2013
  9. JavaScript and the Wii U Browser, JSPro, January 2013
  10. Back to Basics: JavaScript Object Syntax, JSPro, January 2013
  11. Implementing Push Technology Using Server-Sent Events, JSPro, December 2012
  12. The Buzz About the Vibration API, JSPro, December 2012
  13. The Basics of jQuery, JSPro, December 2012
  14. Introducing the Battery Status API, JSPro, December 2012
  15. Headless WebKit and PhantomJS, JSPro, December 2012
  16. Web Scraping in Node.js, JSPro, November 2012
  17. Making HTTP Requests in Node.js, JSPro, November 2012
  18. Accessing the File System in Node.js, JSPro, November 2012
  19. Cloud Deployment of Node.js Applications with Nodejitsu, JSPro, October 2012
  20. HTTP Authentication in Node.js, JSPro, October 2012
  21. Creating a HTTP Server in Node.js, JSPro, October 2012
  22. An Introduction to Node.js, JSPro, October 2012
  23. Profiling Page Loads with the Navigation Timing API, SitePoint, September 2012
  24. Implementing Memoization in JavaScript, SitePoint, August 2012
  25. The Basics of the Shadow DOM, SitePoint, August 2012
  26. A Detailed Breakdown of the <script> Tag, SitePoint, July 2012
  27. Stream Your Webcam to a Browser in JavaScript, SitePoint, June 2012
  28. JavaScript Closures Demystified, SitePoint, June 2012
  29. Exceptional Exception Handling in JavaScript, SitePoint, May 2012
  30. An Overview of the Web Storage API, SitePoint, May 2012

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