Pro Node.js for Developers

This year has been extremely busy for me, both personally and professionally. I haven’t had a chance to post nearly as much as I would have liked. My only post so far this year, Scaling Node.js Applications, came out back in early March. However, I have been writing more than ever, as I’ve been hard at work on my newest book Pro Node.js for Developers.

Pro Node.js for Developers Cover

The book is being published through Apress, and is targeted at developers who are already familiar with JavaScript, but not necessarily Node.js. The book covers much of Node’s JavaScript core as well as some of the most popular modules in the npm registry, including async, request, express, connect, commander, colors, winston, mongoose, http-proxy and The book also explores npm, module authoring, the Mocha testing framework, the node-inspector debugger, and numerous other topics. A quick rundown of the table of contents is provided below.

  • Chapter 1 – Getting Started
  • Chapter 2 – The Node Module System
  • Chapter 3 – The Node Programming Model
  • Chapter 4 – Events and Timers
  • Chapter 5 – The Command Line Interface
  • Chapter 6 – The File System
  • Chapter 7 – Streams
  • Chapter 8 – Binary Data
  • Chapter 9 – Executing Code
  • Chapter 10 – Network Programming
  • Chapter 11 – HTTP
  • Chapter 12 – The Express Framework
  • Chapter 13 – The Real-Time Web
  • Chapter 14 – Databases
  • Chapter 15 – Logging, Debugging, and Testing
  • Chapter 16 – Application Scaling
  • Appendix A – JavaScript Object Notation

I’m not expecting to make money from this project. I understand that most books don’t turn a profit. I took on the project mostly for the experience. I definitely learned a lot in the process, and if you buy (or pirate) the book, I hope you find it at least somewhat useful.

5 thoughts on “Pro Node.js for Developers

  1. Dear Colin,
    I just bought your book from apress (alpha edition) and got started. It is always nice, when the starting chapters have something easy to type and to see them work … the simple R-E-P-L stuff. It is encouraging to go on further.
    But it is a bit sad to see that the alpha version is in a pretty bad, unedited shape (I presume the print format has had its edits). Looking forward to when a good version of alpha (or the final version) is available.
    But great stuff … keep up your good work!

    • Hi Krishnan,

      First off, thank you for checking out my book – it means a lot to me. The editing in the Alpha book is the result of Apress forcing authors to use MS Word templates, and me only having access to Open Office. The formatting simply got thrown off converting back and forth between computers.

      The finished print book is available now. You can preview some of the final version on Amazon. Does Apress offer a discount to upgrade to the full book if you already have the Alpha version?

      Thanks again for reading!

  2. Following up … At the end of one day, I’m on page 64 (you can tell, I’m in a hurry :-). But yes, you’ve structured the content quite logically and it reads very nicely. I’ve not skipped anything. In fact, with ~ 25% of sentences similar to the following: actual extract pp 46 …. “A third party, open source module, async is a third party, open source module which is a third party, open source module which is extremely useful for managing asynchronous control flow. At the time of writing, async is was the second second-most -depended depended-upon module in the npm registry.”… one can say, the intended message is reaching me multiple times :-)
    How alpha book (same price as the final book) apparently works is that I can get the ‘latest’ state in which the book is in at any point, and the final book upgrade too, once it is ready. Given the print book is ready, I’d expected to see a final-ish sort of alpha book. And there is no source code for now to download either.
    The preview pages on Amazon seem tidy. I guess, it will be all nice for anyone who buys this book a couple of weeks/months down the line. As for me, I want/need to learn node.js … now :-) … Again, congratulations on your book. Nice effort, well structured, unlike some of the other books’ table of contents I’ve checked out – that are a bit Quentin Tarantino style, non-linear narratives :-) I will be prodding through as much as I can.

    • Hi Krishnan,

      I don’t really like the idea of Alpha books because of things like you’ve brought up. I took a look at the final version of the book, and those sentences have been corrected to read:

      “async is a third party, open source module which is extremely useful for managing asynchronous control flow. At the time of writing, async was the second-most-depended-upon module in the npm registry.”

      Anyway, thanks again for reading!

  3. *plodding, instead of prodding through [the rest of your alpha book] … oh, the irony of me committing typos :-)